Arrive – 12.30pm registration and lunch

1pm – Welcome and introduction – 15 minutes

Short welcome to talk through the day ahead and a bit of background on why we are here and what you can expect from the day.

1.15pm – Hot trends for 2020: Dark social, WhatsApp for Business, ephemeral content, gen Z’s use of social, podcast growth – 30 minutes

It is almost 2020 and now is the time to plan your social media strategy and content as if it is. Thinking about audience, their needs, where their attention is and bringing to light the more advanced things to consider when executing on your social media plan, leaving no stone unturned to create reach, awareness, engagement, sales and creating advocates from strangers.

1.45pm – Instagram Stories hacks – 30 minutes

We share the secrets directly from Instagram on what makes a great Instagram Story. From GIF stickers to creative templates; learn how to create a professional aesthetic to improve your engagement.

2.15pm – How to beat the algorithms – 30 minutes

It is getting harder and harder to stand out on social organically where you can be seen by the few or no one at all. Yet you are still carrying on regardless. We will talk through how to measure engagement, what to do to keep up with/beat the algorithms and audit your pages and content to make your organic posts stick.

2.45pm – Winning strategies for advertising – 40 minutes

Accredited Facebook and Instagram expert Alison Battisby will demonstrate the key ways to optimise your paid advertising campaigns to make the most out of your budget. And we’re not talking about just boosting posts!

3.25pm – Break – 20 minutes

3.45pm – How to create an authentic influencer partnership – 30 minutes

The dos and don’ts of working with influencers to champion your brand. We’ll take you through the checklist of the most important considerations from legalities, to making the most of their content.

4.15pm – How to enlist your employees as internal influencers/brand advocates – 30 minutes

Why rely on one person to create your social media content, when you could utilise your entire company? Here you will learn how to grow your reach and create more content by making everyone an in-house influencer. Find out the best practice and examples on how you can achieve this.

4.45pm – The top three social media metrics and how to find them – 20 minutes

How is social media affecting your business? We will show you the most important social media metrics to be looking at on a regular basis, and exactly how to find them quickly.

5.05pm – Top tips and summary – 20 minutes

We wrap up the session with a full summary of key points from the day and also highlight the top tips. This is the vital need to knows to take back to your business to ensure your social media thrives, stands out and leapfrogs the competitors.

5.25pm – Questions

5.30pm – Ends